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Project Description

Forklift Operator

Effective Workplace Training Group offers the Windsor-Essex County state-of-the-art training programs regarding the operation of forklifts. This program is for workers who will operate powered lift trucks (classes 1 to 5). Participants will explore the basics of forklift operation including selection criteria, stability, lift capacity and principles of counterbalance theory. Participants also gain an understanding of legislation, guidelines, and standards governing the use of powered lift trucks. Also covered are the hazards specific to powered lift truck use in the work environment, components of an effective powered lift truck prestart inspection checklist, and safe operating rules and practices.

Forklift Trucks

Participants will review the design and operational principles of forklifts along with specific forklift selection criteria. Basic counterbalance forklift truck theory is explored, including a range of stability issues. Relevant legislation, codes and standards will be discussed throughout the program, including the Ministry of Labour Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks and the Canadian Standards Association Safety Standard for Lift Trucks

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